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Why do plants have hairy leaves?

Many plants have fuzzy or hairy leaves—the hairs are actually specialized epidermal cells—that protect the plant from insect attack. (The fuzzy texture may also discourage grazing.) If a plant's epidermis is injured, water loss and invasion by insects and disease organisms can rapidly weaken the plant.

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Considering this, why do leaves have hairs?

Just as mammal hair serves various protective purposes, including insulation and camouflage, so do trichomes. Trichomes can be insulating by keeping frost away from leaf cells. They can help reduce evaporation by protecting the plant from wind and heat.

Additionally, does human hair affect the growth of plants? In addition to water and sunlight, plants need certain nutrients to grow, particularly nitrogen. Previous studies had also shown that human hair discarded from barbershops and hair salons can also be a nutrient source for plants when combined with other compost materials.

In respect to this, what plants have hairy leaves?

Common examples are the leaf scales of bromeliads such as the pineapple, Rhododendron and sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides). Any of the various types of hairs may be glandular, producing some kind of secretion, such as the essential oils produced by mints and many other members of the family Lamiaceae.

What is pubescence in plants?

A pubescence is fine covering of down or soft short hair, as on the surface of a leaf and other part of a plant. The state of being pubescent of having such a covering.

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