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Why do my ears get infected every time I wear earrings?

Causes of Pierced Ear Infections
Using earrings with dirty posts can cause infection. Touching the earlobes with dirty hands may also cause infection. Another common cause is earrings that are too tight. The post may be too short or the clasp put on too tight.

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Consequently, why do my ears hurt when I wear earrings?

Often the piercing is re-traumatized when earrings are taken in and out of the ear. So, if you experiencing sore ears from wearing earrings, and the pain goes away when you do not wear earrings, the reason is most likely that your body has developed a contact allergy to the metal in the earrings.

Also Know, why do my earring holes keep closing? The problem is that your piercings are being chronically irritated. Ear piercings that have healed normally won't close up so easily. You may have a metal allergy that is constantly irritating your ears, or it may just be the type of earring, or how you change your earrings.

Regarding this, should you wear earrings if your ears are infected?

Treating an ear piercing infection Similarly, avoid touching your piercings or pulling on your earrings while wearing them. For current infections, antiseptic solutions and antibiotic ointments can provide near immediate relief. Remove your earrings and sterilize them with rubbing alcohol every four hours.

Why do my ears get crusty when I wear earrings?

Some ears get crusty after wearing earrings. Crusty ears might be a result of an allergic reaction. Some people react to cheap metals, such as nickel. Make sure that you wear only metals such as gold, rhodium, platinum, titanium, copper, silicon, wood or some types of silver with the hypoallergenic tag.

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