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Why do group 1 elements react with water?

Group 1 elements are called alkali metals because of their ability to displace H2(g) from water and create a basic solution. Alkali metals are also known to react violently and explosively with water. This is because enough heat is given off during the exothermic reaction to ignite the H2(g).

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Similarly, why do Group 1 metals react with water in terms of electronic structure?

Group 1 - The alkali metals. The group 1 elements are all soft, reactive metals with low melting points. They react with water to produce an alkaline metal hydroxide solution and hydrogen. Reactivity increases down the group.

Similarly, why are alkali metals so reactive with water? Alkali metals are known for being some of the most reactive metals. This is due in part to their larger atomic radii and low ionization energies. They tend to donate their electrons in reactions and often have an oxidation state of +1. These metals are characterized as being extremely soft and silvery in color.

Regarding this, what happens when group 1 elements react?

When an element in group 1 takes part in a reaction, its atoms lose their outer electron and form positively charged ions , called cations . The more easily these cations form, the more reactive the metal.

Why do Group 1 and 7 elements react together?

State the trends in reactivity of the group 1 and group 7 elements and explain the reasons why. Elements react by gaining or losing electrons. Group 7 elements however have 7 electrons in their outermost shells, so they react by gaining an electron to form an outermost ring of 8 electrons.

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