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Why do egg whites make a stable foam?

Egg whites make a stable foam when beaten because the vigorous beating breaks the protein molecule links and denatures them. This creates a foam structure when the unfolded proteins rearrange and create films around the air cells.

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Keeping this in consideration, what can stop an egg white from foaming?

When sugar is beaten into an egg-white foam, it dissolves in the protein film on the surface of the air bubbles. This sugary syrup film prevents the proteins from drying out and tightening up too fast. Once you add sugar, you can beat the egg whites without worrying too much about their getting lumpy or overbeaten.

Also, why should egg white foams be used immediately? The stability of the foam deteriorates with continued exposure to room temperature, Adding cream of tartar decreases the ph of the egg white, which whip more easily into a stable foam when their ph is lowered slightly.

Also asked, what increases the stability of an egg white foam?

Addition of acid: Addition of acid to egg white makes the foam more stable but increases the time necessary for beating. Cream of tartar is more effective in increasing the stability than acetic or citric acid. Acid is best added during the first portion of beating period.

Which of the following stabilizes an egg white foam?

Today, a more common approach to stabilizing egg white foam is to add cream of tartar, known chemically as potassium bitartrate. This chemical salt lowers the pH of the egg white, which shortens the time necessary to form a foam. Temperature also impacts the volume of egg white foam.

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