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Why did they recast James on True Blood?

James, True Blood. Reasons for Recast: Grimes reportedly left the HBO hit series in 2014 because he was uncomfortable playing a gay character. HBO cited Grimes having issues with "the creative direction of the character" as the reasoning behind his exit.

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Similarly, why did they change Jessica boyfriend on True Blood?

We're super excited True Blood is back in our lives but WTF has happened to Jessica's dishy boyfriend James? And because the writers refused to change the script on his behalf, the part of James is now being played by equally hunky Nathan Parsons.

Similarly, who was Luke Grimes in True Blood? James Kent

In this manner, who played James on True Blood season 6?

Luke Grimes

Who is Luke Grimes married to?

Belonging to American nationality and white ethnicity, he is the youngest child of three siblings. He gained education from Dayton Christian High School in 2002.

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Real Name Luke Grimes
Profession Actor
Parents Rev. Randy Grimes and Angie Barker
Dating/Partner No
Married/Spouse No

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