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Why did the UN authorize a peacekeeping mission in Rwanda?

Why did the UN authorize a peacekeeping mission in Rwanda? The signing of the Arusha Accord brought a cease fire and temporary peace to Rwanda allowing the UN to send in a peacekeeping mission. The Rwandan government and its extremist Hutus in the Akuza understood that they needed Belgium to leave Rwanda.

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Also know, why did the UN set up a peacekeeping mission in Rwanda?

The United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR) was established by United Nations Security Council Resolution 872 on 5 October 1993. Its activities were meant to aid the peace process between the Hutu-dominated Rwandese government and the Tutsi-dominated rebel Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF).

Also Know, who led UN peacekeeping forces during the Rwandan genocide? soldiers in Rwanda took extraordinary actions, using diplomacy, cultural awareness and community engagement. Their actions saved close to 30,000 lives, according to Romeo Dallaire, who led the U.N.'s deployment in Rwanda.

Likewise, why did the UN not get involved in Rwanda?

In July the RPF took over Rwanda and formed a new government and in August a UN force finally arrived. But the UN now has no credibility in Rwanda. Hutus distrust the UN soldiers because they did not prevent the RPF from taking power. Tutsis distrust them because they failed to stop the killing.

What role did Belgium play in the Rwandan genocide?

In 1919, Belgium inherited the colony as part of a League of Nations mandate, which partitioned German territories after World War I. Belgian colonizers initiated more direct control in Rwanda maintaining an existing political system, which allowed native monarchs to rule over the local populous.

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