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Why did the garlic turn blue in my pickles?

When garlic is pickled, you will sometimes notice that it can take on a blue or green hue. When acid such as vinegar is added to the garlic, it ruptures the cell membranes of the cloves, causing amino acids and sulfur compounds present in the garlic to mix. An enzyme, isoallin, is subsequently released.

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Hereof, is it safe to eat blue garlic?

Garlic that has turned blue or green during pickling or cooking is perfectly safe to eat, and the presence of color has no effect on the garlic's flavor. Some cultures even prize colorful garlic.

Subsequently, question is, why is my garlic blue? Why Acid Turns Garlic Blue. The color change is caused by a reaction between enzymes and sulfur-containing amino acids in the garlic (the same enzymes are responsible for garlic's flavor). When these enzymes are activated by mild acid, they produce blue and green pigments.

Similarly, it is asked, how do I stop garlic from turning blue when pickling?

Tips to prevent your garlic from turning blue: Use stainless steel or enamel cookware and utensils (avoid copper, aluminum, cast iron, and tin cookware and utensils) Reduce chlorophyll production by avoiding sunlight. Use distilled water to avoid the trace minerals found in tap water.

Does lemon juice turn garlic blue?

It's not an acid-based (as in lemon juice) reaction. The reaction is due to a defense mechanism -- an enzyme -- that is released in the garlic when it is chopped. It reacts with sulfur compounds and amino acids in the garlic, and turns blue.

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