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Why did the doctor let two bit and ponyboy see Johnny?

Why did the doctor let Two-Bit and Ponyboy in to see Johnny? The doctor says Johnny had been asking for them and that "It can't hurt now." Two-Bit gives Dally his black-handled switchblade.

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Keeping this in view, why does the doctor let pony and two bit in to see Johnny?

The doctor tells the nurse that Johnny has been asking to see them and remarks that "It can't hurt now" (Hinton, 101). The doctor's comment foreshadows Johnny's impending death, and he allows Pony and Two-Bit to see him because he realizes that Johnny will not live much longer.

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In this way, how did two bit and ponyboy get into Johnny?

When Two-Bit and Ponyboy arrive at the hospital, the nurses won't let them see Johnny. He asks Two-Bit for his black-handled switchblade and, upon receiving it, places it under his pillow. The boys leave Dally and decide to take the bus home.

What did the doctor reveal about Johnny's condition?

The doctor begins by telling the boys that Dally will be alright. He then elaborates on Johnny's condition by telling them that Johnny has suffered a broken back and has severe burns all over his lower body. The doctor's comment foreshadows Johnny's tragic death later on in the novel.

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