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Why did Stanley and Zero climb the mountain?

What Stanley does is to carry Zero up the "Thumb of God" mountain. They are looking for water and the rock formation gives them hope, so they decide to see what is behind that mountain. Zero of course is too weak to climb because he has been in the desert for three days, so that's why Stanley helps him.

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Consequently, why did Stanley go back down the mountain?

Zero has passed out and Stanley leaves the shovel and jars on the ground so that he can carry Zero up the mountain. There is a bitter smell in the air and mud on the ground when Stanley reaches the top of the mountain. Stanley realizes that mud means there is water nearby and this renews his strength.

what do they eat on the mountain in holes? There is a brief flashback to the story of a little girl who was cured of near fatal “stomach sickness” by eating Sam the onion man's onions. Stanley and Zero spend the next two days sleeping and eating onions. The water they are drinking is muddy so Stanley decides to go down the mountain and look for the shovel.

People also ask, what did zero and Stanley eat to stay alive?

Zero then flees. The camp staff decide to erase their record of him and let him die in the desert. A few days later, Stanley follows Zero and finds him living under the remains of Sam's boat, eating very old jars of Barlow's spiced peaches, which he calls "Sploosh".

What does Stanley discover in the gully?

After tumbling into the gully, Stanley finds water and an onion. In chapter 38, Stanley and Zero continue climbing the mountain. During the exhausting climb, Stanley notices a large stone precipice ahead. He makes his way towards it but never reaches it.

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