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Why did Spanish bullfighting start?

According to "Frommer's Travel Guide," bullfighting in Spain traces its origins to 711 A.D., with the first official bullfight, or "corrida de toros," being held in honor of the coronation of King Alfonso VIII. Once part of the Roman Empire, Spain owes its bullfighting tradition in part to gladiator games.

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Then, why did bullfighting start in Spain?

Historians can trace Spanish bullfighting back to 711 A.D., when the first known bullfighting event took place in honor of the coronation of King Alfonso VIII. Having roots in the Roman concept of gladiator games, bullfighting was originally a sport reserved for aristocrats and was performed on horseback.

Also, when did bullfights become popular in the Spanish culture? By the 15th century, bullfighting had become entrenched in Spanish culture as the sport of aristocracy.

Secondly, what is the purpose of bullfighting in Spain?

In Spain, they began to fight bulls. In medieval Spain bullfighting was considered a noble sport and reserved to the rich, who could afford to supply and train their animals. The bull was released into a closed arena where a single fighter on horseback was armed with a lance.

What is the tradition behind bullfighting?

Bull fighting in Spain is an iconic tradition in which 3 toreros have to fight 2 bulls each and, ultimately, kill them. A bullfight is always held in a round-shape arena or venue called plaza de toros. The matadores perform in order of seniority, which is set according to the date of each matador's alternativa.

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