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Why did Paul Revere and William Dawes ride toward Lexington and Concord on the night of April 18 1775?

On the night of April 18, Joseph Warren assigned Dawes, along with Revere, the mission of riding north to Lexington to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock of their impending arrest, and to alert the colonial minutemen that the British were on the move.

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Furthermore, what happened on the night of April 18 1775?

Paul Revere's midnight ride, April 18, 1775. On this night in 1775, Paul Revere was instructed by the Sons of Liberty to ride to Lexington, Mass., to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock that British troops were marching to arrest them. On his way to Lexington, Revere raised the alarm, stopping at each house.

Likewise, who actually made the midnight ride? William Dawes

Also to know, what did Paul Revere actually yell?

His most famous quote was fabricated. Paul Revere never shouted the legendary phrase later attributed to him (“The British are coming!”) as he passed from town to town. The operation was meant to be conducted as discreetly as possible since scores of British troops were hiding out in the Massachusetts countryside.

Who really warned the British are coming?

Paul Revere, an activist in the Patriot movement, rode that night with two other men, Samuel Prescott and William Dawes. Only one of them succeeded in reaching Concord to warn of the British invasion. After they left Lexington, Revere, Prescott and Dawes were arrested and detained by a British patrol.

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