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Why did Patrick Henry want independence?

But Patrick Henry wasn't one of them, and he used his famous 'Liberty or Death' speech to persuade others of the justness of independence and the overriding need to defend it through force of arms. Henry tells his audience that the American colonists are already effectively at war with the British.

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Thereof, why did Patrick Henry give his speech?

Historians say that Henry's “Liberty or Death” speech helped convince those in attendance to begin preparing Virginia troops for war against Great Britain. Royal Governor Lord Dunmore responded to the speech by removing gunpowder from the magazine.

Also, why did Patrick Henry not sign the Declaration of Independence? Known for: his role during Second Continental Congress in pushing for the colonies' independence from Great Britain. (The Lee Resolution). Reason for not signing: refused to sign because the Constitution did not yet have a Bill of Rights.

Similarly one may ask, what did Patrick Henry believe about independence?

During a speech before the second Virginia Convention, Patrick Henry responds to the increasingly oppressive British rule over the American colonies by declaring, “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” Following the signing of the American Declaration of Independence

Why was Patrick Henry so important?

Patrick Henry was an American Revolution-era orator best known for his quote "Give me liberty or give me death!" Henry was an influential leader in the radical opposition to the British government but only accepted the new federal government after the passage of the Bill of Rights, for which he was in great measure

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