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Why did mama kill Papa in Purple Hibiscus?

The main reason Mama put poison in his tea was to set them free from his hold as Papa never let them make their own opinions and made Kambili in a way dependent on him. At this point of the book Jaja and Kambili have grown as people and Mama can see this. That could be another reason for Mama poisoning Papa.

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Just so, why did Adichie write Purple Hibiscus?

Chimamanda Adichie says she wrote Purple Hibiscus wanting to explore the role of religion in contemporary Nigeria. She believes it's a complicated subject for fiction, so she tried to lighten her story by telling it through the eyes of a young girl named Kambili.

Beside above, what religion is Papa in Purple Hibiscus? In Purple Hibiscus, Papa-Nnukwu represents indigenous culture, specifically that of Igboland. Papa-Nnukwu is the father of Eugene and Ifeoma. He is not Roman Catholic, as are his children, but instead follows the traditional Igbo religion.

Also to know is, why does Jaja go to jail in Purple Hibiscus?

Kambili laughs and tells Mama that they will take Jaja to Nsukka and to America to see Aunty Ifeoma, then to Abba to plant new orange trees, and he will plant purple hibiscus again. The book closes on the present. It is nearly three years later and Jaja has been in prison for murdering Papa.

What is Mama's Name in Purple Hibiscus?

Purple Hibiscus is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's debut novel published in 2003. It features two Igbo families: Papa Eugene's family, consisting of his wife Beatrice Achike, commonly called Mama, a daughter named Kambili, a son named Chuk-wuka, but always referred through his childhood nickname, Jaja and Himself.

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