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Why did Leacock go to the bank?

Why did the narrator go to a bank? “My Financial Career” is a short story by Stephen Leacock. The author says that every time he goes to a bank, he gets rattled. On this occasion, he visits the bank because he has had a small pay increase and feels that he must deposit the money in the bank

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Similarly one may ask, when I go into a bank I get rattled?

1906. WHEN I go into a bank I get rattled. The clerks rattle me; the wickets rattle me; the sight of the money rattles me; everything rattles me. The moment I cross the threshold of a bank I am a hesitating jay.

Additionally, what did the narrator know about the bank? As subsequent events demonstrate, the narrator doesn't know much about how banks work. All he knows is that he gets incredibly nervous whenever he enters one. The clerks, the little windows, the sight of the money—all of these things make him nervous.

Regarding this, why did the manager come to think that Leacock had an awful secret to reveal?

Answer : The writer talked in a funny way. His face gave an odd look. By observing all this he manager thought that the writer would tell him an awful secret.

What mistake did lead Lendock commit blunders after blunders?

Answer: After leaving the manager's office, Leacock made a number of blunders. First, he stepped into an iron safe. Then he wrote fifty six instead of six on the cheque. Then instead of admitting his mistake, he pretended to be angry on being insulted by someone.

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What makes the narrator nervous at a bank?

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