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Why did Jack Davis write Aboriginal Australia?

A humanitarian, Jack will always be remembered for his writing about Aboriginal history and culture and for his relentless fight for justice for his people. He gained national and international recognition for his work and made an enormous contribution in helping to bridge the gap between cultures and communities.

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Keeping this in view, when did Jack Davis write Aboriginal Australia?

Although he began writing poems when he was just a teenager, his first collection wasn't published until 1970, entitled The First-born and other poems. He published three more collections between 1978 and 1992: Jagardoo: Poems from Aboriginal Australia, John Pat and Other Poems, and Black Life: poems.

Secondly, when and where was Jack Davis born? March 11, 1917

Regarding this, when did Jack Davis die?

March 17, 2000

What is the poem Aboriginal Australia by Jack Davis about?

Aboriginal Australia. His poems and plays often focus in Aboriginal life, primarily Indigenous interaction with European Australians. Aboriginal Australia is a poem that focusses on the European influences upon Aboriginal life, as well as the oppression and death that the European population brought with them.

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