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Why did Dr Roylott kill Julia?

Roylott wanted to kill Julia because she had become engaged to be married. He was legally obligated to give her one-third of the income from her mother's estate. He couldn't afford to part with that much money because he was heavily in debt.

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In this manner, what was Dr Roylott's motive?

Roylett's motive was money. His wife's will stated that the total income they would get from her estate would be 100 pounds. Due to the fact that agriculture prices had fallen, the estate was now worth about 750 pounds. Upon marriage, according to the will, each girl would get 250 pounds.

Subsequently, question is, how is Sherlock Holmes indirectly responsible for Dr Grimesby Roylott death? Roylett was the first person the snake could attack, it attacked and killed him quickly with its poison. Indirectly, Sherlock was responsible for Dr. Roylett's death, but Dr. Roylett is also responsible for his own death in the fact that he brought the snake into the house and trained it to return to him.

Secondly, how did Dr Roylott die?

Dr. Roylott is killed with his own weapon and as Holmes puts it, "Violence does, in truth, recoil upon the violent, and the schemer falls into the pit which he digs for another" (309).

Who made a marriage proposal to Helen in the Speckled Band?

Percy Armitage

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