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Why are willow trees bad?

Weeping Willow roots invade and clog underground pipes.
They can't “drill into” sound pipes, but as stated above, will thicken roots around moisture – so a cracked pipe may encourage growth and appear to crack the pipe. This is where much of their bad reputation comes from.

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Simply so, what does a willow tree symbolize?

Green, like the leaves on the branches, symbolizes nature, fertility, and life. It also represents balance, learning, growth, and harmony. Our image of the willow tree represents the strength, stability, and structure of the trunk, standing firm and withstanding the greatest of challenges.

Beside above, is Willow Tree Wood good for anything? Weeping willow trees (Salix spp.) Willow wood can be used as firewood but is rated as fair to poor in quality as it produces less heat and more creosote than many other types of wood.

In this way, why does the willow tree cry?

This happened when other trees — maple, oak and pine — all survived. What happened? The answer is that weeping willow trees (natives of Asia) are very shallow rooted. When the wind really picked up, the roots couldn't hold the trees in the wet soil, so down they went.

How far away from a house should you plant a weeping willow tree?

If you plant a willow tree in your backyard, make sure it is at least 50 feet away from your house and any other nearby buildings, plus any underground sewage, gas, water or electrical lines.

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