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Why are they called the Cameron Crazies?

The Cameron Crazies were named after Cameron Indoor Stadium, where the home basketball games are held, sometime in the mid-1980s. The name became widely known as Mike Krzyzewski's program. It became one of the best in the country.

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People also ask, where do the Cameron Crazies sit?

The Cameron Crazies are the fabled student section at Cameron Indoor Stadium, home of the Duke Blue Devils. The Crazies are the best fans in college basketball, and they've shown us why for years. The Crazies stand courtside in a 1,200-seat student section, and they are in-your-face type fans.

Beside above, why do Duke fans jump up and down? It originated at Duke because the students learned that if they all jumped up and down at the same time, they would be able to shake and rattle the floor.

Besides, what did Duke fans chant?

The Cameron Crazies taunt Pitt's Au'Diese Toney during Tuesday's game. This explains why with minutes left in the first half, Coach K lit into his fan base, yelling "Shut up!" multiple times as a referee tried to usher him back to his bench.

What is Duke's basketball court called?

Cameron Indoor Stadium is an indoor arena located on the campus of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. The 9,291-seat facility is the primary indoor athletic venue for the Duke Blue Devils and serves as the home court for Duke men's and women's basketball and women's volleyball.

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