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Why are there only two types of electric charge?

"There are two types of electric charge, positive and negative. Electrons and Protons are sub atomic particles that carry electric charges, electrons carry negative charge and protons carry positive charge. Electrons flow from negative to positive while protons flow from positive to negative."

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Keeping this in view, what are the two types of electric charge?

There are two types of electric charge: positive and negative (commonly carried by protons and electrons respectively).

One may also ask, is there a third type of charge? If there were a third type of charge, then there would not be positively charged nucleus in the atom. There is other type of interaction between charged objects other than repulsion or attraction. If there were a third type of charge, then there would be only two type of interaction, but this is not so in reality.

Also asked, who named the two types of charges?

Benjamin Franklin

Is it possible that there is only one type of charge?

There are only two types of charge, one called positive and the other called negative.

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