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Why are some groups considered vulnerable populations and what does it mean to be a vulnerable population in terms of research?

A vulnerable population is a group of people that requires greater protection than normal against the potential risks of participating in research.

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People also ask, what is the definition of a vulnerable population?

Vulnerable populations include patients who are racial or ethnic minorities, children, elderly, socioeconomically disadvantaged, underinsured or those with certain medical conditions. Members of vulnerable populations often have health conditions that are exacerbated by unnecessarily inadequate healthcare.

Similarly, which groups are considered vulnerable research populations? In addition to vulnerable subject populations such as children, prisoners, and pregnant women (covered in the subparts of the federal regulations for human subjects research), there are special classes of subjects including students, employees, and cognitively impaired individuals who may be vulnerable in terms of

Beside above, why are prisoners considered to be a vulnerable population in research?

Prisoners are categorized as members of vulnerable populations because of the many unique conditions associated with confinement that compromise their ability to exercise free choice. Because of past abuses, use of prisoners as human subjects is subject to many protective regulations.

What is an example of a vulnerable group?

Groups of people who are disadvantaged in some way are considered vulnerable populations. Examples of vulnerable populations include children, people with schizophrenia, pregnant women, and homeless people. A population can be deemed vulnerable due to having a high level of physical, psychological, and/or social risk.

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