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Why are slide in ranges more expensive than freestanding?

Slide-in ranges do tend to be more expensive than there freestanding cousins. This is due to engineering and the construction of the appliance. However, the ability from these ranges to fit seamlessly into kitchen cabinets outweighs the extra cost.

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In this regard, is slide in range better than freestanding?

It requires installation between the cabinetry because unlike freestanding ranges, this style doesn't have finished sides. Slide-in ranges have the controls in front of the burners. Slide-in ranges are more expensive than freestanding because of the custom, built-in look the design provides.

what is difference between slide in and drop in range? Slide-In vs Drop-In Range: Major Differences Slide-in models usually have a built-in bottom drawer below the oven chamber for storing cookware. Drop-in range models have no cookware storage drawer, and this means you'll need an additional cabinet or drawer to house your pots and pans.

Consequently, can a slide in range be freestanding?

Changing a freestanding range with a backsplash to a slide-in or a range without a backsplash can tremendously improve the look of your kitchen. The slide-in range will not obstruct your view of your backsplash. That said, you can replace a slide-in range with a freestanding range in the same location.

What is a freestanding range?

A freestanding range is the most common option; it is what most people think about when they think of a stove. It can fit anywhere in your kitchen and does not require any cabinetry work. The sides are finished, so it can stand on its own or in between cabinets. It has an oven and burners.

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