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Why are my acrylic nails splitting?

Usually I find that cracking in acrylics mean one of two things: Either the mix ratio is too wet or the shape of the nail is off. Correct apex placement is key to avoid cracks. If the crack is on the extension edge its most likely shape and balance.

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Keeping this in view, what do you do when your acrylic nails split in half?

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Remove the Acrylic. The first step is to remove as much of the broken or lifted acrylic nail as possible.
  2. Use Acetone to Remove the Topcoat.
  3. File the nail.
  4. Reshape the Natural Nail.
  5. Disinfect.
  6. Re-application.
  7. Moisturize.
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Likewise, how do I stop my nails from splitting vertically?

  1. Keep your fingernails dry. Repeated or prolonged contact with water can contribute to split fingernails.
  2. Practice good nail hygiene. Keep your fingernails neatly trimmed, and round the tips in a gentle curve.
  3. Avoid harsh nail care products.
  4. Apply a protective layer.

Similarly one may ask, can you put acrylic on a split nail?

Acrylic nails can be fixed! If the acrylic is cracked and not the natural nail, take off the acrylic near the crack, and file down the rest of the nail. Prep the exposed nail, fill in the area, cut the nail to the break, put a form underneath it, and extend it again.

Can I glue my acrylic nail back on?

Using nail glue from the drugstore or a beauty supply store, you can simply reattach the acrylic to your natural nail at the point of separation. However, it's crucial to first dip your entire finger in rubbing alcohol, to remove natural oils and bacteria that may have developed in the gap created by the lift.

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