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Who wrote Tamburlaine and Dr Faustus?

Christopher Marlowe

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Just so, who wrote Doctor Faustus?

Christopher Marlowe

Also Know, why did Marlowe write Dr Faustus? The main purpose of the Faust Book is to preach and echo the teachings of the church. Marlowe has a different agenda: by removing the overt moral teaching, Marlowe forces the audience to judge Faustus on their own.

Similarly, who did Christopher Marlowe influence?

Ovid Niccolò Machiavelli Virgil

Which is the historical play written by Christopher Marlowe?

Christopher Marlowe's most famous play is The Tragicall History of D. Faustus. His other plays are Tamburlaine the Great; Dido, Queen of Carthage; Edward II; The Massacre at Paris; and The Jew of Malta.

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