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Who won the NBA 2019?

Toronto Raptors

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People also ask, who won the NBA Final 2019?

Toronto Raptors

Also, who will be the NBA champion 2019? Toronto Raptors

Also to know, who won the NBA title this year?

Toronto Raptors

Who's the best team in the NBA right now?

NBA Power Rankings: Lakers move to top spot with fast-charging Rockets right behind

  1. Lakers (12-2, Last week No. 2).
  2. Rockets (11-3, LW 9).
  3. Celtics (11-2, LW 1).
  4. Bucks (10-3, LW 3).
  5. Nuggets (9-3, LW 10).
  6. Raptors (9-4, LW 6).
  7. Heat (9-3, LW 5).
  8. Clippers (9-5, LW 4).

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