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Who won the Iditarod 2011?

John Baker

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In this regard, who won the Iditarod in 2012?

Dallas Seavey

Subsequently, question is, who won the Iditarod in 2019? Peter Kaiser

Consequently, who won the Iditarod 2010?

Final Standings

Place Name Prize Money
1 Lance Mackey $50,400.00
2 Hans Gatt $46,700.00
3 Jeff King $43,200.00
4 Ken Anderson $40,000.00

What does the winner of the Iditarod win?

The total prize purse is about $500,000, with the winner taking about $50,000 and a new pickup truck. The winner is expected to reach Nome about eight or nine days after Sunday's official start in Willow.

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