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Who won the celebrity golf tournament today?

Tony Romo Wins 2019 American Century Championship; Stephen Curry Finishes 7th. Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current NFL on CBS color commentator Tony Romo won his second straight American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament in Stateline, Nevada, on Sunday.

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Beside this, who won the celebrity golf tournament?

Tony Romo wins celebrity golf tournament for second straight year.

One may also ask, who is playing in the American Century Championship?

Pos Start Player
1 1 ROMO, Tony
2 5 MULDER, Mark
T3 T2 FISH, Mardy
T3 T2 LOWE, Derek

Consequently, where is the celebrity golf tournament today?

July 7 - 12, 2020 - Celebrity Golf - American Century Championship. Enjoy the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship from the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe. With a purse of $600,000 and network television exposure, it's the most prestigious and richest celebrity tournament in golf.

How do they score the American Century Championship?

Scoring: Modified Stableford Format converted to points

  • Double Eagle 10 points.
  • Hole in one 8 points.
  • Eagle 6 points.
  • Birdie 3 points.
  • Par 1 point.
  • Bogey 0 points.
  • Double Bogey -2 points.

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