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Who won IQ test on Howard Stern?

Memet Walker

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In respect to this, what is Howard Stern's IQ?

I would not put him at “genius” level, whatever that is, but his IQ is definitely significantly above average, probably (guessing) at least in the mid-140 to mid-150 range, with 120 being average. Underestimating Howard's intellect sent a LOT of New York area DJs to the trash heap in the 80s.

Additionally, how much does the Howard Stern staff make? Put another way, using an annual salary of $60 million—an estimated $20 million of Stern's yearly compensation goes to production costs for the show and staff salaries, according to Wall Street analysts—the self-proclaimed King of All Media will be banking $120,482 per hour. That works out to $2,008 per minute.

Furthermore, who is Brent from the Howard Stern show?

Howard Stern's Longtime Producer, Brent Hatley, Quits Radio Show After Controversial Absence. One of Howard Stern's longtime producers on the show, and frequent on-air talent, Brent Hatley, has left the show after a series of events including several very heated incidents involving his wife, Katelyn.

What is Memet?

Mehmed (modern Turkish: Mehmet) is the most common Turkish form of the Arabic name Muhammad (Arabic: ????‎) (Muhammed and Muhammet are also used, though considerably less) and gains its significance from being the name of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. The name Mehmet also often appears in derived compound names.

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