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Who was Giuseppe Mazzini class 10th?

Giuseppe Mazzini was an Italian revolutionary who founded two underground societies; first Young Italy in Marseilles and then Young Europe in Berne. Giuseppe Mazzini was an important figure in liberal natioanlism. He made a significant contribution to the unification of Italy.

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Keeping this in consideration, who was Giuseppe Mazzini explain his role?

Answer: Giuseppe Mazzini was born on 22 June 1805 known as an Italian politician, journalist and activist. He played an important role in forming a secret society, name Giovine Italia (Young Italy).

Similarly, why is Giuseppe Mazzini famous? Giuseppe Mazzini was an Italian revolutionary. His most important accomplishment was helping Italy become a united country. In 1848, forces from this movement were able to eject the pope from Rome (which was then the capital of the Papal States) and set up a republic with Mazzini as its leader.

One may also ask, who was Giuseppe Mazzini Brainly?

Giuseppe Mazzini was a political revolutionist in Italy, who was born in the year 1805 at Genoa. He had strived hard for the establishment of unified democratic republic of Italy. He was involved in various revolutionary activities to support unification of Italy and to spread the thoughts among the public.

Which two revolutionary societies did Giuseppe Mazzini found?

The two secret societies founded by 'Giuseppe Mazzini' were young Europe and Young Italy. Explanation: Giuseppe Mazzini was an 'Italian revolutionary' who founded two 'underground societies'. He formed 'Young Italy' in Marseilles and thereafter he formed 'Young Europe' in Berne.

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