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Who was Dr Seuss's mother?

Henrietta Seuss Geisel

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In this way, who were Dr Seuss's parents?

Theodor Robert Geisel Father Henrietta Seuss Geisel Mother

Beside above, what did Dr Seuss's parents do for a living? His job included running the Forest Park Zoo. While Ted was a boy, his father used to regularly bring him and his sister Marnie to Forest Park to walk the trails, fish, and visit the zoo.

Beside above, who was Dr Seuss's sister?

Henrietta Geisel Marnie Seuss Geisel

Where did Dr Seuss's dad work?

Ted's father worked at Forest Park in Springfield. Ted's dad took him on behind-the-scenes tours of the zoo in the park. Young Ted often brought along a sketch pad to draw. This may account for the incredible variety of animals he later drew in his books.

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