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Who was born on October 29?

Celebrities - "FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS: 29 OCTOBER" (242)
Richard Dreyfuss (*Oct 29, 1947) actor US
Winona Ryder (*Oct 29, 1971) actress US
Ben Foster (*Oct 29, 1980) actor US
Joseph Goebbels (*Oct 29, 1897) Nazi war criminal, politician, Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany DE

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Correspondingly, what celebrity is born on October 29?

Famous birthdays for Oct. 29: Gabrielle Union, Wynona Ryder -

One may also ask, is October 29 a Scorpio? Being a Scorpio born on October 29th, your personality is characterized by ambition and passion. Your inner self is defined by your strong passion and drive for success. While others may turn away from challenges, you will work tirelessly to conquer all that is standing in between you and your goals.

Then, what is special about October 29th?

International Internet Day is celebrated worldwide, every year on 29th of October. Since the year 2005 the International Internet Day has been famously celebrated to commemorate a momentous day in the history of telecommunications and technology.

Who died on Oct 29?

Discover the most famous people who died on October 29. The list includes people like Walter Raleigh, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Joseph Pulitzer, George Gurdjieff, Henry George.

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