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Who sounds like Leonard Cohen?

Re: Artists similar to Leonard Cohen
In that way, Lou Reed or David Bowie are surely close, and also Patti Smith. and also: David Eugene Edwards (aka Wovenhand, formerly of 16horsepower) - he calls his music the amalgam of Cash, Waits and Cohen.

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In respect to this, who sang with Leonard Cohen?

Sharon Robinson, Leonard Cohen's longtime songwriting partner and backup singer, looks back on their years on the road together. Leonard Cohen worked with a lot of gifted collaborators during his five-decade career, but none shared a bond with the late artist that could match Sharon Robinson's.

Additionally, what type of music is Leonard Cohen? Folk music Soft rock

Then, what is Leonard Cohen's most famous song?


Is Leonard Cohen a bass?

Cohen sang mostly as a Baritone in his younger years but also has the range of a Bass. I find his power to be in the baritone range. He has a cool gruff sounding bass, but it lacks the tone and volume that his baritone brings. You can easily hear him struggle with the low notes in many of his songs.

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