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Who sings zombie in pitch perfect 3?

Ruby Rose

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Likewise, who is the lead singer of Evermoist in pitch perfect 3?

But back to Pitch Perfect 3, in which Ruby plays Calamity (flanked by bandmates Veracity and Serenity), the lead singer of Evermoist.

One may also ask, what song does Anna Kendrick sing in pitch perfect riff off? Riff Off: Mickey/Like a Virgin/Hit Me With Your Best Shot/S&M/Let's Talk About Sex/I'll Make Love To You/Feels Like the First Time/No Diggity.

Furthermore, who sings the last song in pitch perfect 3?

At the USO's final performance, Beca opens for DJ Khaled, then brings the Bellas onstage to sing their final performance – "Freedom! '90".

Are the bands Real in pitch perfect 3?

So while Evermoist is not a real band, and don't appear to be based on an actual band, the other main acts in the film — Saddle Up and Young Sparrow & DJ Dragon Nutz — are. So of the three newly formed bands in Pitch Perfect 3, it seems Evermoist is the only one that doesn't have a real world counterpart.

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