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Who played Sgt O Rourke?

Sgt. Morgan O'Rourke. Forrest Tucker, the actor known to the Baby Boom generation as Sergeant O'Rourke on the classic TV sitcom

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In this way, why was F Troop Cancelled?

The show's ratings were still healthy after the second year, but according to Tucker, Warner Bros. ' new owners, Seven Arts, discontinued production because they thought it was wasteful for so much of the Warner Ranch being taken up by a single half-hour TV show.

who played the Indian in F Troop? Blaisdell (as War Cloud), Jackie Joseph (as Agarn's old girlfriend Betty Lou MacDonald), Mike Mazurki (as a very big Geronimo), Tony Martinez (as Felipe), Del Moore (as Dapper Dan Fulbright), Andrew Duggan (as the Indian-hating Major Chester Winster, inventor of the Chestwinster 76 rifle – a parody of the famous

Also, who says I'm dumb F Troop?

Quotes. Sergeant Morgan O'Rourke : Agarn, I don't know why everybody says you're so dumb! Corporal Randolph Agarn : Who says I'm dumb? Chief Wild Eagle : Hekawis very brave warriors, except for one thing

Who is still alive from F Troop?

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Name Born Died
Larry Storch 1/8/1923
Ken Berry 11/3/1933 12/1/2018
Melody Patterson 4/16/1949 8/20/2015
James Hampton 7/9/1936

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