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Who owns the Pendry hotel in San Diego?

Alan Fuerstman

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Considering this, who owns Pendry San Diego?

Montage International is led by founder and Chief Executive Alan Fuerstman and Pendry is run by Fuerstman's son Michael; Pendry San Diego was co-developed by Montage International and Robert Green of Encinitas.

One may also ask, when did the Pendry San Diego Open? 2008

Keeping this in view, who owns the Pendry?

The company currently operates 5 properties in the United States with one upcoming in Mexico and Healdsburg, plus another two under the Pendry Hotel brand.

Montage Hotels & Resorts.

Type Private
Founded 2002
Founder Alan Fuerstman (CEO)
Headquarters Orange County, California , US
Area served North America

How much is parking at the Pendry San Diego?

One hour of parking can cost between $3-$10, while 24 hour parking can cost from $10 to $30. There is plenty of off-street parking in downtown San Diego.

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