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Who owns rubrik?

Products: Cloud management; Backup; Busine

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Beside this, is rubrik a public company?

Rubrik IPO. Rubrik, a leading provider of cloud data management services, has hinted it eventually intends to become a publicly traded company. The company's CEO, Bipul Sinha, was clear to state that its public market aspirations are currently not a priority, specifically saying “[their] goal is not to go public

Also, what is rubrik backup? Rubrik simplifies backup and recovery for hybrid cloud environments. It eliminates legacy backup complexity by integrating data orchestration, catalog management, and continuous data protection into a single software platform.

Similarly one may ask, when was rubrik founded?

January 2014

How much does rubrik cost?

Rubrik Backup Appliance Line-Up Pricing. A Rubrik R334 (3-node, 36TB) unit list price is around $100,000 MSRP. A Rubrik R500 Series Node (10GbE Dual 10GBaseT NIC, 800GB SSD, 8x16GB DIMM) will cost of around $115,000. A Rubrik R344 appliance (4-node, 48TB) has budgetary pricing of around $200,000.

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