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Who owns Olympia beer?


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Also asked, is Olympia Beer still sold?

Olympia beer hasn't been produced on the site for years. In fact, the building hasn't produced a drop since 2003. Olympia Beer was sold to one company, then another, before coming under the ownership of Pabst in the late 1990s (it's now made in California).

One may also ask, who bought Olympia brewery? The former Olympia Beer brewery property has been sold — again. The buyer, Tumwater Development of Anaheim, Calif., purchased the property, for $4 million from Capital Salvage, according to a real-estate excise-tax affidavit filed Thursday with the Thurston County Treasurer's Office.

Just so, where is Olympia beer brewed now?

Pabst was purchased, along with the Olympia label, by beer industry veteran Eugene Kashper with backing from TSG Consumer Partners in 2014, and Olympia Beer continues to be contract brewed by MillerCoors at their brewery in Irwindale, California.

Who owns Schlitz beer?

Pabst Brewing Company

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