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Who owns Le Chemin du Roi?

US musician and actor Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson has launched a range of Champagnes in the US, made by Reims-based Champagne Castelnau. The Champagne house said late last week that the brand, called Le Chemin du Roi (King's Path), is owned by Jackson.

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Also know, how much is a bottle of Le Chemin du Roi?

Called Le Chemin du Roi, meaning 'the king's path', each bottle features a 14 karat gold-plated emblem resembling the king chess piece. The range comprises a brut, rosé and blanc de blancs, retailing for $199, $325 and $999 respectively, although only the pink Champagne has been released so far.

Subsequently, question is, how long is Chemin du Roi Brut aged on the lees? is made from grapes grown in some of the finest vineyards in Champagne. Aged for over 4 years on it's lees to create a crisp and smooth Champagne, notes of strawberries, and black currants shine on the palate.

Keeping this in view, who owns Effen Vodka?

Beam Suntory has confirmed that its brand partnership with 50 Cent for Effen Vodka continues, following reports stating the rapper had sold his stake in the brand. Reports circulated earlier this week claiming that 50 Cent – real name Curtis Jackson – had sold his shareholding in Effen Vodka for US$60 million.

What is the name of 50 Cent's liquor?

Le Chemin du Roi (The KINGS Path) is a new Champagne from Rapper 50 Cent. It's a gleaming and vibrant pink champagne that illuminates the The King's Path.

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