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Who owned the New York Times in 1971?

The New York Times
"All the News That's Fit to Print"
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) The New York Times Company
Founder(s) Henry Jarvis Raymond George Jones
Publisher A. G. Sulzberger

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Accordingly, who owns NY Times?

The New York Times Company

Type Public
Total equity $1.04 billion (2018)
Owner Sulzberger family (13%) Carlos Slim (17%)
Number of employees 4,320 (2018)

Additionally, when the Nixon administration went to court in 1971 to block the New York Times from publishing the Pentagon Papers it was abusing the? On June 30, 1971, the Supreme Court overturned the Nixon administration's effort to restrain The New York Times and The Washington Post from publishing a top-secret history of the Vietnam War called the Pentagon Papers.

Then, who wrote the majority decision in New York Times v United States?

New York Times Co. v. United States
Chief Justice Warren E. Burger Associate Justices Hugo Black · William O. Douglas John M. Harlan II · William J. Brennan Jr. Potter Stewart · Byron White Thurgood Marshall · Harry Blackmun
Case opinions
Per curiam
Concurrence Black, joined by Douglas

How much is the Nytimes worth?

The New York Times Company is now worth over $5.6 billion, an increase of over $4 billion since 2012.

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