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Who married Jared Kushner's brother?

Kloss and Kushner got married in October 2018, and held a second western-themed wedding just eight months later. Kushner also happens to be the younger brother of White House adviser Jared Kushner — whose father-in-law is President Donald Trump.

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Consequently, who is Jared Kushner's brother?

Joshua Kushner

Likewise, who is Jared Kushner's mother? Seryl Kushner

Then, how is Karlie Kloss related to the Kushner's?

One "Project Runway" contestant is going viral after an awkward moment from Thursday's episode involving host Karlie Kloss and talk of her in-laws: the Kushners. Kushner's brother is Jared Kushner, husband to first daughter Ivanka Trump and a senior adviser to President Donald Trump.

Who is Jared Kushner's sister in law?

Tiffany Trump

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