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Who makes the xe1 wedge?

Specification: Xe1 Wedge Review
Package Quantity 1
Publisher ProActive Sports
Product Type Name GOLF_CLUB
Product Group Sports

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People also ask, does the c3i wedge really work?

Our data suggests that they do for the average golfer. While these wedges may not be your golf game “savior,” they can certainly help you get the ball out of the sand on your first try. For the weekend golfer, the high handicapper, the guy who just can't get the damn ball out of the sand – the C3i Wedge is for you.

Subsequently, question is, is the c3i wedge legal? C3i Wedge - Premium Sand Wedge, Lob Wedge for Men & Women - Escape Bunkers in One, Easy Flop Shots – Legal for Tournament Play, Quickly Cuts Strokes from Your Short Game- High Loft Golf Club.

Considering this, who makes the c3i wedge?

Specification: C3i Wedge Review

Brand Autopilot
Label Autopilot Golf
Manufacturer Autopilot Golf
Package Dimensions Height: 60, Length: 3700, Weight: 100, Width: 450
Product Group Sports

Is the square strike wedge any good?

Square Strike Wedge Review – [ In-depth] However, it comes in a variety of different lofts that are typical of wedges. As a result, it is perfect for hitting tiny pitch and chip shots around the green. The unique concept makes it good for hitting low runners, and higher lofted shots as well.

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