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Who makes Simply Southern?

Growing and giving back at Simply Southern
That's exactly what happened at Simply Southern. “The first day we only made $30,” says company founder Ginger Aydogdu.

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Likewise, people ask, what is the Simply Southern brand?

Simply Southern Tees | Southern style clothing and accessories. Simply Southern is a rather new and popular brand, perfect for the southern lady. This brand carries plenty of adorable and preppy shirts ranging from those supporting your home state to shirts broadcasting your love for good ole southern living.

Likewise, where is simply southern headquarters? Simply Southern 498 Gallimore Dairy Rd Greensboro, NC Clothing Wholesale - MapQuest.

In this manner, where are simply southern shirts made?

They help drive what we make.” The company constantly brings in new designs and products, and all design work and printing are done in the USA at the Greensboro, NC, plant. Custom printing of a saying or a store name is also available. To assist in merchandising, Simply Southern Tees offers two wooden displays.

When was simply southern created?

It all started through the imagination of Creative Director and founder Ginger when she opened the first kiosk in 2005 in Greensboro NC. Ginger's vision was to create southern inspired, high-quality T-shirts at affordable prices.

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