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Who makes Cindy Crawford Home Furniture?

Cindy Crawford HOME Furniture from Raymour & Flanigan
In creating Cindy Crawford HOME®, she combined all the qualities she cares about in home design; style, quality and value to create a line of furniture that appeals to a variety of lifestyles.

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Keeping this in consideration, is Cindy Crawford Furniture good quality?

The Cindy Crawford collection has successfully brought together style, quality and value in the home with it's stylish but affordable feel. The whole idea behind it is letting mid range buyers have access to higher quality design, that are extremely comfortable and allow you to relax.

Beside above, is Rooms To Go furniture made in China? Furniture from China is sold at most major furniture retailers, including Ethan Allen Interiors Inc., Rooms To Go, Haverty Furniture Companies Inc., Bassett Furniture Industries Inc.

Likewise, people ask, does Cindy Crawford design furniture?

Versatile designs and a variety of motifs allow for a natural fit into many decor schemes. In addition to its charming style, the Cindy Crawford collection emphasizes well-made furniture at affordable prices. Simply browse through our available Cindy Crawford furniture sets to find your home's perfect match.

Does Cindy Crawford own rooms to go?

Rooms To Go has been partnered with supermodel Cindy Crawford for over 10 years. The Cindy Crawford Home collection focuses on living room, bedroom, and dining room furniture.

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