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Who made the first IPA?

Myth 1: “IPA was invented by a brewer called George Hodgson from Bow, in East London.” Fact: Hodgson was the best-known of the early exporters of pale ale to India. But there is no evidence at all that he “invented” a new beer style. Pale ale was already being brewed in England before Hodgson.

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Similarly, when was the first IPA made?

While British brewers regularly made the style that would become the IPA by the early 1800s, the first printed codification (in the Liverpool Mercury) as “India pale ale” didn't come until 1835.

who invented pale ale? The term “pale ale” is derived from the “pale” malts used by English breweries like Bass & Co. Their Middle Brewery is depicted above circa 1887. Coke became the preferred fuel of the iron and steel industry in England early on, and was adopted by many other industries.

Furthermore, where did the IPA originate from?

The export style of pale ale, which had become known as India pale ale, developed in England around 1840, later became a popular product there. IPAs have a long history in Canada and the United States, and many breweries there produce a version of the style.

Why are IPAs so popular?

One of the reasons that IPA has gained favor seems obvious. More breweries (the most ever) making them, offering them to consumers and more consumers who came of age with an awareness of flavor that IPAs possess — flavor being one of the previous reasons for IPA's popularity. New beer drinkers are used to bold flavors.

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