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Who made Kenmore water heaters?

Kenmore hot water heaters are made by the State Industries, owned by the largest manufacturer of water heating devices AO Smith and sold exclusively through Sears stores.

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Beside this, does Kenmore still make water heaters?

Kenmore gas powered water heaters offer faster water heating compared to electric water heaters. Our natural gas heaters are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities, from 30 to 98 gallons. Keep your peace of mind knowing that if there's a blackout you'll still have access to hot water.

One may also ask, what companies make water heaters? Water Heater Brands

  • A.O.
  • General Electric makes gas and electric water heaters.
  • Kenmore makes gas and electric water heaters.
  • Rheem manufactures and markets gas and electric water heaters.
  • Whirlpool manufactures and markets gas and electric water heaters.

Additionally, who makes envirotemp water heater?

Envirotemp water heaters are produced by American Water Heaters - you can contact them at to ask for a copy of the warranty for your unit. Your unit was made in the 14th week of 2002.

How long do Kenmore water heaters last?

8 to 12 years

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