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Who lived in the Maryland colony?

The territory was named Maryland in honor of Henrietta Maria, the queen consort of Charles I. Before settlement began, George Calvert died and was succeeded by his son Cecilius, who sought to establish Maryland as a haven for Roman Catholics persecuted in England.

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Besides, who settled in Maryland colony?

George Calvert, Lord Baltimore

Secondly, what religious groups lived in Maryland colony? Dissension among Anglicans, Puritans, Roman Catholics, and Quakers were common and at one point the Puritans seized control of the colony. By 1649 Maryland passed the Maryland Toleration Act which mandated religious tolerance. This was the first law passed that required religious tolerance in the New World.

Subsequently, one may also ask, who were the first people in Maryland colony?

Native Americans The first inhabitants of Maryland were Paleo-Indians who came more than 10,000 years ago from other parts of North America to hunt mammoth, great bison and caribou. By 1,000 B.C., Maryland had more than 8,000 Native Americans in about 40 different tribes. Most of them spoke Algonquian languages.

What Native American tribes lived in colonial Maryland?

The names of the Maryland tribes included the Lenape, Nanticoke, Piscataway, Conoy, Powhatan, Accohannock, Shawnee, Susquehannock, Tutelo and Saponi tribes.

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