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Who is Wanda De Jesus married to?

Wanda De Jesus
Born August 26, 1958 Manhattan, New York, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 1986–2015
Partner(s) Jimmy Smits (1986–present)

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People also ask, does Wanda De Jesus have children?

Partner's Two Children Wanda's partner Smits and his ex-wife Barbara Smits have two children together; a son Joaquin Smits and a daughter Taina Smits. Taina is the first child of a former couple born in 1973 in the United States.

Subsequently, question is, what nationality is Wanda De Jesus? American

Furthermore, is Wanda De Jesus married to Jimmy Smits?

Wanda De Jesus, born August 26, 1958, is an actress, sister born and raised on “the concrete playgrounds of Manhattan,” in “Little Italy” East Harlem, NY. She is married to actor Jimmy Smits (Victor, LA Law). Their relationship, well- publicized by the scandal sheets, is understandably a subject she'd rather avoid.

Who is married to Jimmy Smits?

Barbara Smits m. 1980–1987

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