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Who is vias boyfriend in wonder?

Summary. This section focuses on Justin, Via's new boyfriend, who calls Via by her full name, Olivia. It is written in the way that Justin himself would write it, very informally, with no capitalization. Justin recounts meeting Auggie for the first time, recalling that he was taken by surprise.

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Thereof, who is Justin in wonder?

He is portrayed by Nadji Jeter in Wonder.

Subsequently, question is, is Julia Roberts son in wonder? In the new movie Wonder, Julia Roberts plays the mother of a child named August Pullman who was born with severe facial differences. It's prevented Auggie from going to a mainstream school until now, when he's about to enter fifth grade at the local elementary school.

Likewise, what school does Auggie go to in wonder?

Beecher Prep

Who is Michelle in wonder?

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete

Jacob Tremblay Auggie
Steve Bacic Julian's Dad
Jason Tremblay Camp Counsellor
William Dickinson Eddie
Emma Tremblay Michelle

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