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Who is the Saints starting RB?

Position First team Third team
TE Jared Cook
WR Ted Ginn Jr. Austin Carr
QB Drew Brees Taysom Hill
RB Alvin Kamara Dwayne Washington

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Then, who is the starting running back for the Saints?

10:05 am PT, 1/5

Pos Name Exp.
QB D. Brees 20
QB T. Bridgewater 7
QB T. Hill 4
RB A. Kamara 4

who is the safety for the Saints? Marcus Alan Williams

Just so, who will be the starting QB for the Saints?

New Orleans Saints want Drew Brees to carry on as starting quarterback. New Orleans Saints players prepare for their Wild Card matchup against the Minnesota Vikings at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Who is 85 on the Saints?

Jared Dangerfield #85 News, Stats, Photos - New Orleans Saints - NFL - MSN Sports.

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