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Who is the new artist on Empire?

The Fox musical drama returns in September. Singer-actor Mario will be joining the cast of Fox's Empire as a recurring character, Billboard exclusively reported.

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Thereof, who is the new cast on Empire?

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification

Terrence Howard Lucious Lyon (as Terrence DaShon Howard)
Bryshere Y. Gray Hakeem Lyon
Jussie Smollett Jamal Lyon
Trai Byers Andre Lyon
Gabourey Sidibe Becky

Likewise, who's in the casket on Empire 2019? Jamal Is Not The One In the Casket In 'The Roughest Day' Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard in the "The Roughest Day" Season Five finale episode of EMPIRE. The season finale for Empire finally tells us who is in the casket and, surprise, the recently deceased is not who you might think.

Likewise, who is the new white girl singer on Empire?

TVLine has learned exclusively that Empire has tapped actress-singer Joss Stone to guest-star in Season 5 as the key female artist on Jamal's London label.

Who is Damon Cross daughter on Empire?

Actress and singer Kiandra Richardson stars in the sixth and final season of the popular Fox drama “Empire.” Richardson plays the free-spirited Yana, the daughter of Damon Cross (played by actor Wood Harris), and the love interest of Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard).

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