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Who is the main character of The Mayor of Casterbridge?

Donald Farfrae
Susan Henchard
Lucetta Templeman
Michael Henchard
Elizabeth-Jane Newson

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Also, who is the hero of the novel The Mayor of Casterbridge?

Michael Henchard

Beside above, who was Michael Henchard explain in detail? Michael Henchard - As the novel's protagonist, Henchard is the “Man of Character” to whom the subtitle of The Mayor of Casterbridge alludes. When the novel opens, Henchard is a disconsolate twenty-one-year-old hay-trusser who, in a drunken rage, sells his wife and daughter at a county fair.

Also know, who is the antagonist in the Mayor of Casterbridge?

Michael Henchard

In which novel of Thomas Hardy is Michael Henchard a character?

The Mayor of Casterbridge

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